Our next Studio/E At the Hill cohorts embark on their expeditions February of 2018

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Goals Before Successes

Success comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to measuring it, one thing is certain: you have to define your goals before you can reach them. Brad Johnston is a proponent of setting goals and creating a comprehensive strategy to achieve them, which is what he does with his clients as founder of The Johnston Group.

#ideaSLAM Expeditioners

We are throwing our first-ever #ideaSLAM on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. At this event, five Studio/E members are getting in front of a crowd to explain their experiences of bringing their ideas to life. These ideas include products, businesses and communities, and each story shows just how diverse idea expeditions can be.

Here is a sneak peak of a few of the ideas that will be featured at the #ideaSLAM:

Creating Networks with Gardner Builders

When Bob Gardner, CEO of Gardner Builders, asked us if we could help him and his leadership team put on their annual team vision meeting, we jumped at the opportunity. Bob is a Studio/E member and we have enjoyed watching his company grow exponentially over the past few years. In fact, the photo below is of a Studio/E…

On Presence

Each month we choose a subject to base our content, events and learning on, and this month we are focusing on presence. Presence is as important as your mindset and it has enormous impact. Amy Cuddy, whose TED Talk has over 41 million views, is author of the book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest…

Announcing the Studio/E #ideaSLAM

We are very excited to announce our first-ever public event, the Studio/E #ideaSLAM! Throughout the seven years Studio/E has been around, our tribe of members have come up with some seriously impressive ideas. This community has passed legislation, created new products, built businesses from the ground up, launched global divisions in multi-national corporations — and…

You Have Your Own Answers

Success is hard to come by when you aren’t clear on your strengths and values. All too often folks are stuck, whether disengaged or underutilized, within organizations. The answers needed to find success are within us all, but sometimes it takes the right person to pull them out. Throughout her time in HR at Cargill and now Fluke Corporation, Studio/E member Tiana Martin has done just that — help employees extract their own answers from within. When you start with what you have (what we call current means), you begin to think in a growth mindset.

Pronouns Matter

It has been quite awhile since most of us were in elementary school and learned essential grammar, but we think today is as good a day as ever for a little refresher — particularly regarding pronouns. Here’s why: At the Studio/E GPS program we recently did with a couple dozen 16- to 22-year-olds, we got the refresher…

If You Want to Change Tomorrow, Talk to a Young Mind Today

This past weekend we beta tested a program for young explorers with the aim of helping them navigate the future they desire at an earlier age than we’re able to address in our Studio/E At the Hill experience. Partnering with fellow Studio/E member Jared Hanks, we combined our desires and ended up producing a whole new…

Make Way for Gen Z

We welcomed Gen Z experts David Stillman and his son – a Gen Z-er himself –Jonah to Studio/E Masters. This multi-generational speaking team (aptly named Gen Z Guru) delivers engaging talks about the generation on the heels of Millennials.

Big Heart in a Hard Hat

Bob Gardner loves people. As owner of Gardner Builders, a Minneapolis-based construction company that truly cares about making clients’ experiences enjoyable, he is often found interacting with trade partners, clients, influencers in the business and his team. He says if his team doesn’t feel inspired, he’s not doing his job. So it is no surprise that the reason he gets out of bed every morning is to meet people, engage with them, learn, and have fun along the way.