Our next Studio/E At the Hill cohorts embark on their expeditions February of 2018

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If You Want to Change Tomorrow, Talk to a Young Mind Today

This past weekend we beta tested a program for young explorers with the aim of helping them navigate the future they desire at an earlier age than we’re able to address in our Studio/E At the Hill experience. Partnering with fellow Studio/E member Jared Hanks, we combined our desires and ended up producing a whole new…

Make Way for Gen Z

We welcomed Gen Z experts David Stillman and his son – a Gen Z-er himself –Jonah to Studio/E Masters. This multi-generational speaking team (aptly named Gen Z Guru) delivers engaging talks about the generation on the heels of Millennials.

Big Heart in a Hard Hat

Bob Gardner loves people. As owner of Gardner Builders, a Minneapolis-based construction company that truly cares about making clients’ experiences enjoyable, he is often found interacting with trade partners, clients, influencers in the business and his team. He says if his team doesn’t feel inspired, he’s not doing his job. So it is no surprise that the reason he gets out of bed every morning is to meet people, engage with them, learn, and have fun along the way.

Partner Spotlight: Jump Associates

The Studio/E at the Hill experience is broken down into four days, each day focusing on a different competency. On day one we learn about Current Means, or utilizing what we have at hand to take our first step toward our ideas. Day two we learn about Ideation, or making our ideas uniquely valuable to…

Everyone Needs a Monster

Last week we took a tour through one of the most unusual but equally fascinating exhibits we have ever seen — Guillermo del Toro: At Home with the Monsters. The Minneapolis Institute of Art has increasingly been putting itself on the national museum map by stretching the concept of what a museum is, who it is…

Enrollment: The Catalyst to Your Idea

We just sent off cohorts R and S off to sea as they graduated from our Studio/E at the Hill program! Day Four of this year-long program is all about enrollment, or bringing people on board with your idea because you have identified an overlap with their desire. We explore this competency at the Studio through…

Studio/E Required Reading

We think books are the second greatest way to gain awareness about something (the first best is to experience it for yourself, of course). While we don’t have required reading for Studio/E staff or members, we are often asked the books that have most changed our lives. In no specific order, here are 15 books that…

What is Your Why?

Why am I here? What do I have to contribute that will make a difference? These are just a couple of questions that bestselling author, award-winning producer and Hall of Fame speaker David McNally posed to us at Studio/E Masters last month. We were fortunate enough to get to spend the morning with David as…

The Unofficial Part VII of Big Magic

We recently wrote a blog post about four things we learned from Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, Big Magic. The truth is that we learned a lot more than we shared with readers, but we boiled it down to four takeaways.

Making Things Hard in the Right Way

A couple of weekends ago we trekked up to the northern reaches of Minnesota with a hearty team of Studio/E explorers and spent some time with the amazing souls at the Voyageur Outward Bound School. We were situated next to the one million preserved acres of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area that borders the two million preserved acres called Quetico on the Canadian side. In other words, we were in midst of a whole lot of nature and not a lot else. There was enough snow to play on and the temperatures were sub-sub-zero. It was glorious.