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At the Hill

Studio/E at the Hill provides a quarterly immersive experience that inspires hybrid entrepreneurial thinking by connecting diverse leaders with equal parts drive, passion and unbridled curiosity. The result is a powerful interaction filled with trust, excitement, action and real possibilities – an unparalleled combination to keep moving forward in everything you do.

Ready to turn entrepreneurial thinking into solid strategic direction? Enroll in our yearlong Studio/E at the Hill program to get started. Whether you’re looking to personally attend or would like to refer a friend, student or colleague, signing up is easy if you qualify.


Obtaining the tools to navigate the world.

At Studio/E at the Hill, your journey begins by joining a cohort comprised of approximately 24 peers, chosen with great care to produce a powerful mix of personalities, experiences, insights and networks. These members quickly become trusted partners, teachers, counselors and accelerators to the group.

Studio/E’s quarterly curriculum focuses on experiential learning conducted over four daylong gatherings. Throughout the course, members immerse themselves in an interactive environment focused on developing a powerful mindset, competency, methodology and practice critical to successful exploration and navigation.



Our iconic space was established to house and safeguard knowledge. Situated within the James J. Hill Center, members gather within the soaring stacks and atrium that holds a coveted place on the National Historic Register.

Cohort Members

Our cohorts are filled with influencers, artists, leaders, dreamers, believers, creators and doers. They are independent venturers, heads of non-profits, leaders of healthcare, stewards of arts organizations, artists and business executives.


Studio/E mixes best-in-class content from a variety of credible sources to develop a unique hybrid and interdisciplinary offering.


Our framework to deliver the Studio/E experience (learning community, mindset, competency and methods) provides incomparable people, content, and practices that generate results.


To qualify for a Studio/E experience, you must:

  • Be a motivated leader
  • Commit to lifelong learning and transformation
  • Have a willingness and desire to participate and share within a cohort
  • Believe that you can create the future
  • Be nominated or interviewed by a principal of Studio/E or existing member

If you have these attributes, we want you as a member of Studio/E.


Visit our Membership page for details on how to apply.



Masters, a program for graduates of the StudioE at the Hill program, meets bi-monthly for three hours at the Minneapolis Events Center in Northeast Minneapolis. Our Masters track includes members from different cohorts, providing a mix of sectors and experiences. It meets over the course of a morning and includes a learning component comprised of an activity, a speaker and/or content. We end Masters sessions with issue shares. Each Masters member has the opportunity to get in front of the group to explain something they are working through at work and receive counsel from fellow members. The peer advisory is beneficial not only because it gives members the opportunity to dissect an issue, but because of the vast difference in expertise, knowledge and experience among the group.


Studio/E Masters Qualifications

To qualify for the Studio/E Masters experience, you must:

  • Be a graduate of Studio/E at the Hill program
  • Be willing to brainstorm on ideas and issue resolution with fellow navigators from all sectors
  • Want to be held accountable to take action toward goals and desires


If you have completed Studio/E at the Hill and would like to join Masters, please visit our Membership page for details on how to apply.


Boot Camps + Labs

Studio/E boot camps and labs are for organizations looking to develop a new culture of learning around exploring, launching and navigating new value propositions in the unknown. Through the labs we help organizations identify and create pathways for new value propositions while transforming team members to support a new company culture. Participants leave with new methodologies of acting and a horizontal network that busts through bureaucratic silos.

The labs are a series of individualized engagements that provide inspiring practices for participants to create the futures they desire. We kick these labs off with a boot camp to immerse participants in our tools and methodology. The labs are monthly meetings within the organization during which time we check-in with one another, cover new content and work on 30-day sprints to launch ideas. We utilize the Studio/E method to enroll others, provide awareness of enrollment practices to engage others in the unknown, and help foster a more engaged, inspired and connected team.

Members are provided with resources, tools and opportunities to attend semi-annual speaker events. These labs build personal and organizational development while creating and promoting a learning community.

If your organization is interested in launching a new initiative, please fill out this form or call our office at 763-201-8316. Include your name, institution, phone number, email address, sector and who referred you.


Counsel + Advisory

We provide counsel for Studio/E members and their organizations. The advisory can include any number of initiatives, including organizational and personal development, financial strategy, operating best practices and strategic initiatives. We provide guidance by first evaluating current resources and practices, then making recommendations to enhance operations and prove clarity and alignment across the organization.

If your organization is interested in coaching and advisory, please fill out this form or call our office at 763-201-8316. Include your name, institution, phone number, email address, sector and who referred you.


Studio/E +

Studio/E + is our consulting track designed to help members and their businesses thrive by launching their ideas into the marketplace. This offering is broken down into three progressive tracks: Trail Map, Summit and Expedition, each of which are designed to guide an organization down the path to idea implementation.

Trail Map

The objective for this track is to design and prototype your Studio/E idea. It is a short, intense engagement with organizations looking for external, objective vetting of new business ideas. This four-to-eight week program includes a boot camp, business case, total addressable market and a program / resource plan.


This track is designed to build to scale and launch an idea that came from a Studio/E at the Hill or Lab program. It is the natural extension of Studio/E Labs and/or the Studio/E+ Trail Map track. This program is offers executive leadership, product and marketing expertise, program management and an operational partner for implementation. While Studio/E at the Hill and Labs are yearlong programs, this is an extended relationship which will result in the delivery of a marketing, launch and implementation plan, operational readiness, a resource plan and project launch management.


The Studio/E + Expedition takes your idea through its entire life cycle. It is end-to-end support that brings your idea from its infancy all the way to implementation. In this track, we focus our resources on your best ideas and support you through all phases of the execution. This program runs between 12 and 36 months, dependent on the scope of the idea.

If your organization is any of the Studio/E+ tracks, please fill out this form or call our office at 763-201-8316. Include your name, institution, phone number, email address, sector and who referred you.