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A Commitment to Our Community

We are filled with heartache as we look upon what has recently happened in our hometown and beyond. Neighborhoods can be rebuilt, but nothing will undo the murder of George Floyd, nor the persistent pain and the continual racial injustices that our friends, families, and neighbors have faced for centuries. As a community, we must lean into this moment and create meaningful change.

20 Things to Know About Stress, Movement, and Positive Action Right Now

Stress is omnipresent. We all experience it at times, no matter how good we are at managing it. Sometimes our stress can be exacerbated (like when everything feels uncertain, for example), but it’s important to understand that stress isn’t exactly a bad thing. As it turns out, stress is actually energy manifested in our bodies and brains to help us take positive action when we feel overwhelmed.

10 Lessons from Guy Kawasaki’s Book, Wise Guy

There are easily more than 100 pieces of wisdom in this book, and all of it is contextualized by Guy’s practiced storytelling and entertaining life. We suggest reading the book yourself, as his lessons become even more applicable in conjunction with his great stories, but for the purposes of this post we’ve collected 10 of our favorites:

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