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What is Studio/E?

Where ideas go places.

Studio/E is an experiential learning community designed to help leaders and institutions explore, launch and navigate ideas to create the future they desire.

The methodology, mindset, and competencies of exploratory value creation can be taught to anyone and can be a powerful advantage to successfully navigating your course in our unpredictable world. Institutions and individuals are thriving under forward-thinking leaders, so we have created different Studio/E offerings to reach individuals and institutions of all needs and capabilities.

Extreme diversity of the Studio/E membership is an important part of the experience because if you want to learn and grow one needs to interact with others who know and have experienced different paths.



To qualify for a Studio/E experience, you must:

  • Be a motivated individual
  • Be committed to lifelong learning and transformation
  • Have the willingness and desire to learn from others and new experiences
  • Be nominated or interviewed by a principal of Studio/E or existing member

If you have these attributes, we want you as a member of the Studio/E family.


Who is Studio/E?

Nate Garvis

Nate serves as a guide to our members and institutional clients. He creates new ways to help move leaders and communities forward using our growing Studio/E family as well as our methodology.

Before he launched the Studio, Nate was V.P of Government Affairs and Senior Civic Officer at Target Corporation for 18 years. He loves music, both listening to and creating it. Hiking and skiing in the mountains are where he finds peace, as well as in the kitchen cooking for his family. Perhaps his favorite hobby right now is launching his two daughters onto the world stage.

A high school dropout, Nate went on to earn a B.A. in History from the University of Minnesota and a J.D. from the University of Oregon – a law degree he has yet to use professionally. He is a Senior Fellow at the Lewis Institute and Social Innovation Lab at Babson College where the power of enterprise is being harnessed to produce a better world.


Tom Wiese

Tom designs Studio/E’s tools, methodologies and experiences. He guides members at the Studio, helping them successfully explore, launch and navigate their lives to create the future they desire.

Prior to launching Studio/E, Tom spent more than two decades helping his law clients achieve success based on a simple philosophy: The value of your life is the sum total of its deals. Tom increases the value of his clients’ businesses (and lives) by helping them conceive, design, and negotiate better deals, while also teaching and providing methods, frameworks, drawings and tools to improve their practices in these areas.

A father of four, Tom and his family love to laugh, play (or watch) hockey, and ski, and then laugh some more. He is a prolific explorer of all genres and is always up for a new adventure of any sort.

Tom obtained a B.S. in Finance at the University of Colorado at Boulder and his J.D. from the William Mitchell College of Law. He attended the Harvard Negotiation Project and is a Senior Fellow at the Lewis Institute and Social Innovation Lab at Babson College.



Stiles Anderson

Stiles oversees strategy, operations and finance at Studio/E. He also leads our consulting and advisory track Studio/E+, our program designed to help members and their businesses thrive by launching their ideas into the marketplace.

In a prior life Stiles spent 12 years launching, leading and advising various organizations. He has worn the hat of president, partner, CFO, COO and advisory board member for companies touching a variety of industries.

Skiing in the mountains and chasing little white balls down green fairways are a couple of Stiles’ favorite activities. He also loves to drink wine, coffee and more wine, and getting his heart broken by the Vikings over and over again. Of all the hats Stiles wears, being a father to three young children is his favorite.

Stiles has a B.B.A. in finance from the University of Wisconsin.


Kolina Cicero

Kolina has had the distinct pleasure of experiencing Studio/E’s evolution from an idea to a viable business in the years she has worked with the company. While overseeing Studio/E’s creative output and producing its narrative are the contributions she is most passionate about, she also manages relationships with partners and supports each of Studio/E’s various tracks.

Kolina has been a writer since she learned how to spell. As a young one she penned plays, songs and short stories, and as she developed her voice she built a business around her writing. She has published dozens of magazine articles, hundreds of blog posts and a novel that will never be unearthed. While writing is her favorite, Kolina does have other interests: taking Italian, cooking and art classes; practicing yoga; and traveling. She also loves old music and used to have a bumper sticker that said, “I’d rather be at a Neil Diamond concert.”

She has a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Italian Studies from the University of Minnesota and an M.A. in Italian Linguistics from Middlebury College.


Lori Hall

Lori ensures that everyone’s life at the Studio runs as smoothly as possible, oftentimes completing tasks before they are asked of her. She manages calendars, keeps the office in order and handles finance administration.

Outside of the office Lori spends a lot of time with her family, which fills her up to overflowing every single day. She loves physical fitness of all types, specifically yoga, biking, walking and weight training. Even though she is quite active, Lori finds still moments getting lost in a book or doing needlework.

Prior to joining the Studio/E team Lori ran her business as a professional organizer, which has been in her blood since she was a young girl.


Tawnee Rebhuhn

Tawnee supports and enhances the member experience within each of the Studio/E tracks. She produces and refines program content and keeps business operations running smoothly by seeking out and implementing ways to increase efficiency.

Outside of the Studio Tawnee fills her time exploring local theater (both as a performer and audience member), traveling and learning to play the ukulele. She also loves to run and cheer on any and all Iowa State University athletics.

Before joining the Studio in 2016, Tawnee led operations for COCO’s coworking locations in the Twin Cities. She also managed regional operations for the entrepreneurial community building organization, Startup Weekend, in Seattle.

Tawnee has a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication with a minor in Performing Arts from Iowa State University.



Success is a shared outcome. To be successful, one must align with the right people. Studio/E is proud to partner with world-class organizations to provide Studio/E members with top-notch curriculum and experiences.


Babson College: Voted the nation’s best entrepreneurship school for 20+ years, Babson College is centered on the belief that entrepreneurship is crucial in today’s world at all levels of an organization. No one teaches how to think and act entrepreneurially better than Babson, and Studio/E is proud to have a strong relationship with this global powerhouse.

Jump Associates: Jump Associates is a leading strategy and innovation firm founded in 1998. Jump has partnered with the world’s most admired companies to help crack their biggest growth challenges and respond quickly to pressing market issues. By defining a clear strategy for growth, Jump helps committed leaders unleash the talent of their organizations.

James J. Hill Center: Listed on the National Historic Register, the James J. Hill Center is a business reference library located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Since 1921, the Library has housed a world-class collection of business information resources and is considered one of the most comprehensive business libraries in the country. The beauty of the reading room is only matched by its ability to inspire.

Prouty Project: Prouty Project is a strategic planning, organization and team development firm that works with companies all over the globe, including Fortune 500 firms and small start-ups alike. Facilitating development in-house or on faraway expeditions like Norway or Cuba, Prouty Project’s experiences are truly one-of-a-kind.



At Studio/E, the makeup of your cohort is a unique and valuable
part of the experience. True growth and learning comes from interacting with people who have different experiences, knowledge and relationships.  As such, our Cohorts are comprised of a diverse mix of individuals from just about every sector. From small organizations to some of the nation’s premier institutions, the diversity of our membership community creates a powerful asset for our members’ ongoing connection, ideation and discovery. Our membership includes:

Academics; Digital Developers; Artists and Musicians; Fortune 100 Executives; Leaders of Nonprofits; Politicians; Entrepreneurs; Creatives; Faith-Based Leaders; Small Business Owners; Foundations; Healthcare Executives; and more.

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