Andy Whisney


Andy Whisney | Digital Marketing Coordinator

Andy has been orbiting the world of social media since MySpace was a thing. He has a soul-deep drive to build community and connect with others, both digitally and in-person.

Working in digital since 2012, Andy built a social and digital media arm of an advertising agency out of college, and ran online marking for several legendary restaurants in St. Paul.

Today Andy manages all of Studio/E’s social media – staging and posting photos on Instagram and keeping Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn full of interesting content.

His understanding of the relationships between individuals and organizations runs back to the age of seven when he wrote a letter to Hasbro demanding they redesign their 3 ¾ inch GI Joe Action Figures – and they did. A doer in every sense of the word, Andy is often out catching improv and musicals or talking about enjoying – coffee.



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