Nate Garvis | Co-Founder

Nate is both an explorer and a guide. He spent 18 years at Target as V.P of Government Affairs and Senior Civic Officer prior to launching Studio/E with Tom. Nate believes in the power of institutional energy to build vibrant, prosperous communities and has spent his years weaving people together with that goal in mind.

Members and organizational leaders lean on Nate to provide counsel as they navigate change and move toward growth. Nate’s depth of expertise in healthcare, academia and philanthropy combined with his rich experience in business, government and politics produces incredible results for everyone who has the opportunity to partner with him.

Nate’s creative exploration abounds. He brings dynamic energy and thought-provoking inquiry to every conversation he has. His personal exploration includes hiking and skiing in the mountains, international travel with his family, creating new music, eating exquisite cuisine and hanging out with his two favorite people in the world: his daughters.


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