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Reason to Believe

The Studio/E Community has more than 500 successful members from all sectors. Some of the organizations include Target, Allina Health, the FBI, Cargill, Babson College, University of St. Thomas, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Vistage and many others.


I highly leveraged the Compass methodology and entrepreneurial concepts in developing this capability. Coming from a place of ‘current means’ in a corporate environment where we are often stagnant because we perceive a lack of resource was a HUGE turning point for me. I built a new corporate capability with a small team and shoestring budget that I scraped together. Setting the tone around leveraging the resource I had around me created a ‘can do’ culture within the team where we didn’t allow artificial barriers to get in our way.

Tiffany Snyder
Global SAP Competency CoE Leader at Cargill


Studio/E has taught me to be more thoughtful and specific in my ideation, and be more thoughtful in how to find and actively enroll people who can help me fulfill my dreams.

Molly Mogren, Director of Communications
Foodworks, Inc.


If I was enrolling someone to Studio/E, I would tell them listen, you’re going to grow. You’re going to come out of it a better leader, a better person, a better thinker, a better listener. You’re going to learn things about yourself you didn’t know. You’re going to go on a journey. You’re going to be able to explore different ideas. You’re going to be able to explore yourself a little more, and you’re really going to grow as a person and that is a great experience, and we don’t do it enough. It will pay off benefits for you and your organization and for everyone around you.

Frank Vascellaro, News Anchor


There is so much uncertainty in our world today, for all of us moving forward, whatever our business or personal lives might be. Tying the concepts developed by Babson and Jump with what Nate and Tom have created gives us the tools in whatever endeavors we may have to chart those unchartered waters and find success in our futures.

Dr. Corey Jensen, D.D.S.
Smile Design Dentistry


Studio/E completely changes the way you’re approaching your work. It gives you a new set of tools for dealing with future projects and potentialities, but it also challenges you in the moment to rethink how you are approaching the stuff you’re dealing with now, right here on the ground.

Pilar Gerasimo, Founding Editor
Experience Life Magazine and RevolutionaryAct.com

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