Tom Wiese | Co-Founder

Tom is passionate about helping people create the future they desire. He’s been designing tools and teaching people how to successfully explore, launch and navigate their lives and businesses for three decades. While Tom is serious about his mission to enhance peoples’ lives, his animated and humorous approach to every interaction make spending time with Tom feel like play.

Prior to launching Studio/E, Tom had a thriving law practice based on the simple philosophy: The value of your life is the sum total of its deals. Tom worked with his clients to conceive, design, and negotiate better deals, while also teaching and providing methods, frameworks and tools to improve their practices in these areas.

Today, Tom designs Studio/E’s tools, methods and experiences, and can be found leading members and organizations as they navigate change so they can bring their greatest value into the world. Outside of Studio/E, Tom can be found fearlessly exploring with his family: hiking, skiing, sporting – but above all, sharing in the great adventure of life with love, laughter and playfulness every step of the way.


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