Photo by Dan Calderwood on Unsplash - Navigating the Known Zone

Known vs. Unknown Zone: the Studio/E Map Part 2

Part two in a three-part series. In Known vs. Unknown Zones: the Studio/E Map Part 1, we established the importance and inevitability of spending time in both the Known and Unknown Zones. Now we will take a look at the characteristics of each zone, and the tools and metrics to use in each one. The…

Studio/E's One-Minute Expedition

What Is Your Sentence?

In last week’s One-Minute Expedition, we went about identifying our Desire, or what gets us out of bed in the morning and why we will be missed when we’re gone. Now it’s time to boil it down to one sentence. It’s important for your Desire to be a single sentence because it must be memorable —…

Visual communicator Dan Roam drawing at age four.

Actions are Driven by What You See

Dan Roam has been expressing himself with visuals since he could hold a crayon. Today, an international bestselling author of seven books, Dan helps leaders solve complex problems through visual thinking. Even the most rudimentary scribbles can transcend language and help people understand one another, and as such, drawing is a highly effective leadership skill….

Photo by Eric Welch on Unsplash

Known vs. Unknown Zone: the Studio/E Map Part 1

Part one in a three-part series. How do you know when you cross the line between that which you know and that which you don’t know? More and more, as the world is changing at an unprecedented speed, we are spending time in what we call the Unknown Zone — an ambiguous territory in which…

John Mrachek receives peer counsel at Studio/E's Member Morning Series

Be Vulnerable. Gather Feedback. Pursue Your Passion.

How an anesthesiologist gathered feedback and gained insight on his idea to disrupt surgical care. One of the greatest joys we experience as the builders of a bustling community is watching folks put their heads together to move ideas forward. It can be intimidating to share your ideas, especially when they’re fresh, but being vulnerable…

Meeting the needs of patients pre- and post-surgical care

Breaking Through the Surgical Care Continuum

With more than 28,000 hours spent in operating rooms, John Mrachek, MD, says surgical care is in need of an innovative breakthrough. His idea? Better preoperative patient preparation. Interested in radically changing the way surgical care is delivered in the United States, John, anesthesiologist at American Anesthesiology of Minnesota, has spent years studying the continuum of surgical care…

Exploratory Leadership within an organization

Leading Like an Explorer Within an Organization

Andy Zimney is an exploratory leader. He confronts ambiguity with an open mind and a willingness to explore in order to find out what he needs to move forward. His Exploratory Leadership skills are put to great use with his role as Senior Consultant and Culture Advisor at Employee Strategies, a firm dedicated to developing…

Star Night Sky photo by Mark Basarab on Unsplash

Celebrate What’s Right With the World

Your Mindset is the lens through which you see the world. It is so powerful that it determines your perceptions and attitudes about what is in front of you. If your Mindset is one of scarcity and fear, you see dead ends and closed doors. But if it is abundant, you see the endless possibilities…

Heather Rose-Dunning and Kim Batcheller pursue their joint desire in opening Scout Workshop

If You Don’t See It, Build It

Work looks different today than it did a decade ago, five years ago — even last year. The way people work has evolved, and yet many individuals and institutions continue to operate the way they always have. Not Heather Rose-Dunning and Kim Batcheller. Heather and Kim have been practicing architecture and design together since 2007….

Iterating at Studio/E

We’re Learning, Too

We help people and organizations move ideas forward. We share what we’ve learned from experience and from the copious amounts of information we consume. But the truth is, we’re learning, too. We do our best to practice what we preach, and so we find ourselves iterating (a lot). We believe an organization must explore new ways of…

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