Thanks, Moms

The Studio/E team writes love notes to their mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day.

When Should I Kill My Idea?

A three-step process to follow so you know when to continue working on, pivot, or kill an Idea.

The Studio/E Compass

Completing the Studio/E Compass will leave you with energy and clarity, plus the goals and action steps necessary to make progress and move your Idea forward.

Why Create Boundaries?

Boundaries outline what you’re willing to invest and define what you won’t risk during the current turn of your Idea.

How to Be an Explorer

Exploration is key to survival. Here are five simple ways to be an explorer.

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Mastermind Groups 101

Mastermind groups are the cornerstone of a learning community. These are groups where members meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas and challenges they are facing, provide guidance to one another, and hold each…

1 + 1 = 11

Or why enrollment is effective.

Positioning Statement Template

(My idea) helps (who) with (their jobs) by (reducing pains / creating and developing gains) to (provide / shape what value).

Joy is Serious Business

Incorporating joy into your business via social media, marketing, branding, and physical spaces and products is an effective way to enroll customers into your business or idea. 

Take Time to Reflect

Reflection helps you check-in to see if you are aligned with your Desire and are taking the right action steps to pursue it.

Who Can Make Your Idea Better? 

When thinking about enrolling people to help us with our Ideas, we like to consider what we call the Magnetic Rule: Treat others as they want to be treated and inspired. With that…

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Positioning Checklist

Positioning your Idea is important if you want it to go somewhere. Here’s a checklist to get you thinking.

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Needs vs. Solutions

A common obstacle we see people get caught up in while ideating is making assumptions on what their user’s need is.

Q&A with CaringBridge CEO Liwanag Ojala

Before nearly a quarter of the world population was on Facebook and 100 million photos were posted to Instagram daily, there was a social network called CaringBridge. CaringBridge is the…

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Who Can You Bring Along on Your Exploration?

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”  

This quote by Helen Keller speaks to the concept of bringing others along with you on your exploration.

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Current Means Inventory

Taking inventory of what you already have helps create momentum and allows you take steps from an assets-based thinking position rather than being stopped by focusing on what you don’t have.

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What is Positioning and Packaging?

Positioning and Packaging is a practice we use to get our Ideas into a tangible and communicable state so that we can gather feedback from others.  

Tyler Fish - Move With What You Have

Tyler Fish – Move With What You Have

Polar explorer Tyler Fish sits down with Nate Garvis of Studio/E and they talk about your current means, and moving with what you have.

Gratitude roundup

The Studio/E Gratitude Roundup

A wonderful thing happens when you replace the phrase “have to” with “get to.” A roundup of the things we get to do.

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What Makes Your Idea of Unique Value to its Users?

Differentiating yourself in a busy and chaotic environment happens when you produce truly valuable Ideas, which are fueled by your Desire and empathetically designed for the needs of your user.

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What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

Mindset is the most powerful tool you possess. It is the narrator of the stories you tell yourself and it helps shape the world around you.

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Why Exploratory Leadership

Exploratory Leadership is a required practice for life and business because it provides awareness to help you effectively explore the unknown. 

Dan Roam

Hero Speaker Series Featuring Dan Roam

Visual communicator and international bestselling author of seven books, Dan Roam, came to Minneapolis to teach the Studio/E community about the power of drawing for effective communication.

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Start With What You Have

Current Means is asset-based thinking that enables you to focus and use what you have right now to get your ideas into action quickly.

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The Known and Unknown Zones

A map is to context as a compass is to direction. It allows you to identify where you are now and where you are going. We use the Studio/E Map…

Dan Roam: Clarity is About Vision

Dan Roam: Clarity is About Vision

Our guest Dan Roam sits down with Nate Garvis, of Studio/E, to discuss how clarity and vision go hand-in-hand.

Visual communicator Dan Roam drawing at age four.

Actions are Driven by What You See

Dan Roam has been expressing himself with visuals since he could hold a crayon. Today, an international bestselling author of seven books, Dan helps leaders solve complex problems through visual…

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Research shows that progress is the most effective form of human motivation

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