Jenny C. Evans presents at Studio/E

Raise Your Resiliency

Your job is never going to ask less of you, and neither will your loved ones. The truth is, your stress is on an upward trajectory, and while there are many conversations around stress management and stress reduction, they don’t work. This is because stress is a chemistry problem, not a psychology problem. Author and…

CEO of TransForm Corp Sarah McNally

Playing the Pivot: A CEO’s New Journey

Nobody does anything great alone. This old adage is stern but true. It really does take a community to do great, meaningful work. Salon-style conversations with individuals of varying backgrounds and experiences are a testament to the power of multiples, and they’re something we’re grateful to have the ability to offer. Sarah McNally came to…

Hiking photo by Tobias Mrzyk

The Case For a Day at Play

Why pursuing play is essential for leaders As children, our lives are designed around play. We are constantly on the lookout for fun, adventure and even mischief. These playful moments breed learning and exploration, and they help form who we are as adults. But then – life happens. We go to school, we get a…

Studio/E at the James J. Hill Center

Individuals Wanted for Hazardous Journey

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How much time do you spend with people who are different from you? It’s easy to get stuck in your silo at work, learning and growing amongst individuals in the same industry with the same skillsets as you.

Sarah McNally, CEO of TransForm Corp

Pursue Your Purpose: Q&A with TransForm Corp CEO Sarah McNally

Purposeful leaders build inspired organizations and iconic brands. That’s what Sarah McNally, CEO of TransForm Corp, believes, and her work is proof of it. TransForm Corp helps organizations achieve brand success by building high-performing teams within them. Some of the big names they have worked with include Delta, The BrandLab and Ameriprise Financial. Having experienced…

10 Things to Know About Gen Z

Gen Z is about to enter the workplace, meaning we are about to enter a world of ambiguity. Changes like this can be difficult to navigate, but a little clarity on the nuances of this generation will make the transition easier for everyone – Gen Z included. Generations experts David Stillman (Gen X) and his…

Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese, co-founders of Studio/E

The Half-Hour Walk that Took Five Hours

The Studio/E Genesis Story Co-Founders Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese have been friends since 7th grade. While vacationing in Colorado with their wives in the summer of 2010, they decided to take a half-hour walk. As they journeyed, they discussed their ups and downs, eventually coming to a question that changed the trajectory of their lives: Why…

Stairs at Minneapolis Institute of Art

Hold Tight to Your Moral Compass

In a nation divided, with vitriol littering our media outlets, it’s imperative to hold tight to your moral compass. When clearly defined, your moral compass guides you through difficult decision-making by keeping you true to yourself and your values. At Studio/E, we call this Desire. Though it is critical to follow your moral compass, it…

Gen X and Gen Z father / son duo David Stillman and Jonah Stillman

Gen Z – The Next Generation in the Workplace

Gen Z is about to infiltrate the workplace, and yet the work habits of this generation are unlike any before them. As an example, 75 percent of Gen Z-ers say they’re interested in having multiple roles within one place of employment. Sixty-one percent consider consistent exposure to new experiences to be more important than climbing the…


When Building Your Network, Think Diverse Over Big

If you want to learn and grow, hang out with people who know what you don’t know. It’s easy to spend time with people like yourself because you possess a common language. But we have found that real growth takes place when you spend time with people who know different things than you do. Real growth…

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