10 Things to Know About Gen Z

Gen Z is about to enter the workplace, meaning we are about to enter a world of ambiguity. Changes like this can be difficult to navigate, but a little clarity on the nuances of this generation will make the transition easier for everyone – Gen Z included.

Generations experts David Stillman (Gen X) and his son Jonah Stillman (Gen Z) of GenZGuru came to Studio/E for an event focused on navigating the imminent changes with Gen Z coming to the workplace. Here are 10 things we learned:

10 things to Know about Gen Z:

  1. They think in symbols. Emojis (over text) are their chosen way of communicating, which leads to more ambiguity. It’s time to get comfortable with the grimacing face emoji.
  2. That said, 84% prefer to communicate face-to-face. Note: they consider Skype face-to-face. If you want to talk to Gen Z, visit their desk.
  3. Their attention spans are eight seconds. Millennials’ are 12 seconds. This contributes to this generation’s devotion to streamline processes.
  4. 69% percent will have a side hustle when they enter the workplace. If they don’t get what they want out of work, they’ll start something they do want.
  5. They look to peers for recommendations, not experts.
  6. Work-life balance isn’t what they strive for. They push for work-life blend. Work used to be a place to go, but now it’s something to do. It’s not uncommon for Gen Z to take a three hour lunch and make up for the time away by answering emails at 10 PM.
  7. Their world is “phigital” — a seamless combination of physical and digital.
  8. They need to be able to see themselves in the workplace or the brand (think Dove’s inclusive advertising versus Abercombie & Fitch’s exclusive advertising) in order to buy into it.
  9. They are inadvertently putting themselves in eco-chambers. They have access to more information than any generation did at this age, and as such, they follow channels which provide the information they want to hear.
  10. They aren’t digital pioneers; they are digital natives. They don’t know life without technology and they use it to streamline almost every aspect of the workplace. It isn’t enough for a workplace to have technology. Workplaces must have competitive technology in order to attract Gen Z.

The workplace is about to change drastically with this new breed of employee coming in, but with a little clarity on how Gen Z operates, the ambiguous time will be easier to navigate.

Here are some images from our Gen Z event:

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