Act-Learn-Build: The Method of Exploratory Leadership

At the heart of the Studio/E Map resides a method we call Act-Learn-Build. Based in part on Babson College’s concept of Creaction (the logic entrepreneurs employ when they face the unknown), we designed this method to help you navigate in the unknown and discover more possibility.

This is how Act-Learn-Build works:

ACT | In alignment with your Desire, adopt the Mindset of a curious explorer and act with intention and focus. One way to act with focus is to always be clear on your top three priorities.

LEARN | A great way to learn is by asking questions, just like a curious explorer. Use the metrics of the Unknown Zone (like momentum made and tuition invested) to decide on next steps.

BUILD | Build upon those learnings by creating declarations (these are “I will” statements), and taking more actions — therefore repeating the method.

Act-Learn-Build is an effective way to navigate the unknown, where extensive planning and big launches don’t fare as well.

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Do This: Acting with focus requires being clear on your priorities. Identify your top three priorities over the next 30 days, both personal and professional. Write them down and put them somewhere you will see them daily.

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