Awareness Leads to Better Choices

A lot of possibility lies within the unknown. One of the keys to discovering possibility is to be aware of when you are in the Known or Unknown Zone.

When faced with a new challenge or idea, create awareness for where you are with these practices:

  • Listen to your body. Feel anxious? Breathing quickly? You could be in the Unknown Zone.
  • Practice mindfulness. We tend to assume versus see. When you have a thought about a new situation, identify if the thought is true or an assumption. If you don’t believe you know what’s true and what’s not, you may be in the Unknown Zone.
  • If you feel stuck and you don’t know what to do next, you are likely in the Unknown Zone.
  • Assess which mindset feels most applicable: that of a manager (Known Zone) or a curious explorer (Unknown Zone).

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Reflect back to a time you were trying something new. How did you feel (emotionally and physically?) What assumptions did you make, and were they valid? Which mindset were you operating under?

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