Be Dually Literate

Operating with the mindset of a manager is an important skill: it helps you produce answers, look at plans and data to inform future actions, and direct others to do the same. Operating and leading with the mindset of an explorer – someone who asks questions and learns by doing – is also important. But being literate in both managerial and exploratory leadership is the most effective way to explore, launch, and navigate to discover more possibility and create a new future for yourself and your organization.

When operating as a manager, you might favor labels (skills and experience first), knowing, competition, and winning versus losing. When operating as an explorer, you might favor first names (people first), curiosity, collaboration, and possibility.

Success isn’t about adopting the mindset of an explorer versus a manager; it’s about knowing when to use which one. And if mastered, this is the art of being dually literate.

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Extra Credit: Take out a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Make two columns, one labeled Manager and the other Explorer. For each, list three situations where using that mindset would be most effective. Notice any themes?

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