What Are You Willing to Invest?

When venturing into the unknown, most leaders take a small step into the territory but don’t spend enough time there to learn, observe, and discover. This is because it can be uncomfortable. But establishing Boundaries can help you explore the unknown confidently.

Boundaries are your declared parameters of what you will invest (and therefore recognition for what you won’t) to explore the unknown. The practice of setting Boundaries provides you with context – or a point of reference to where you are – and creates a safe pathway for you to explore. Examples of Boundaries are time, money, reputation, opportunities, etc.

Through the process of creating Boundaries, you will be able to decide when to keep going, pivot, or stop progress on any Idea you are working on.

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Extra Credit: Thinking about an Idea you are working on, ask yourself: what am I willing to invest in order to take the next step?

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