What is Your Why?

Your Desire is your purpose, or your “why.” It provides you with the energy and resilience needed to produce valuable outcomes and is the reason people will miss you when you’re gone. When you live within your Desire, you feel a sense of value and worth.

Additionally, Desire can be used as a filter to help you make decisions. If an opportunity comes your way but acting on it isn’t in line with your Desire, you should feel confident in saying no to the opportunity and remaining true to yourself.

One of the best stories illustrating the power of Desire is that of Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, whose philosophy was based on this Friedrich Nietzsche quote:

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

Frankl survived the worst imaginable circumstances because he was clear on his Desire and the legacy he wanted to leave behind.

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Extra Credit: Are you clear on your Desire? Have you identified what gets you out of bed every morning? If not, take five minutes to list out what matters to you and what legacy you want to leave. Identify themes, choose those most important to you, then write down what you have defined as your Desire.

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