Don’t Predict the Future; Create it

Looking at past performance and data to predict what might happen in the future is a comfortable thing to do. This is the World of Prediction, and its maxim is: To the extent we can predict the future, we can control it.

Predicting the future is useful, but sometimes it’s better to create the future.

Creating the future with new ideas, solutions, and designs happens in the World of Possibility, where the maxim is: To the extent we can create the future, we don’t need to predict it.

You can create the future by traveling into the unknown, learning, experimenting, collaborating, taking small steps, and asking questions like a curious explorer. Instead of being reactive to what comes, you can put something new into motion, therefore creating a different future.

This is what it means to be an Exploratory Leader.

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Extra Credit: Let’s put this into a very simple context. Say your daughter has an evening soccer match. You know it works well for her to come home after school, eat dinner, and relax before her match. From experience, you can predict how the night will go (excepting the score). If you wanted to create a new future, you could have her eat a snack and relax before her match, then celebrate the win or loss by going out for pizza with her friends after. This new future could change the dynamic between your daughter and her teammates, which could, in effect, change her future. It’s actually that simple!

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