Elements of Effective Declarations

As companies scramble to better themselves so we can better the state of our world, we’ve seen a lot of declarations popping up lately. The best declarations are statements beginning with “I will” or “we will,” which allow you to share your vision for the future (think of declarations as goals).

Good declarations are:

  • Clear and concise – This makes them easy to remember.
  • Compelling and engaging – They should inspire you into action.
  • Understandable – Make them simple enough so you can be held accountable.
  • Actionable – Make them measurable and include a time frame for completion.
  • Made by someone with authority – Make sure you are the right person for your declarations.

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Extra Credit: Think of an Idea or project you’re already working on. Download the Studio/E Compass, print it out, and fill out one declaration per competency.

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