Studio/E Empathy Map

When working on an Idea, you want to really understand your user. You not only need to know their demographics, but their psychographics as well. We created a tool to help you think through them.

The Studio/E Empathy Map prompts you to recognize your user’s need and how your solution will address it by identifying how your user feels before and after your solution. As an example:

User’s “before” feelings:

  • Lack of confidence
  • Overwhelmed

User’s “after” feelings:

  • Supported
  • Focused

User’s needs:

  • To find a support system
  • To focus

Now it’s time to create a solution for the needs. Do you see how this could help you focus on creating something your user can’t live without?

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Extra Credit: Download the Empathy Map here. Print it out and use it to identify your user and their needs.

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