The Elements of Enrolling & Selling

Enrollment is interrelated – but distinct – from selling. Selling is persuading and convincing someone to focus on your self-interest. Enrollment is inviting others to combine their desire with yours.

Note the different elements between selling and enrollment:

Essence: Selling = transaction; Enrolling = interaction.

Process: Selling = persuading; Enrolling = inspiring.

Users: Selling = customers; Enrolling = ambassadors.

Relationship: Selling = one-off; Enrolling = ongoing.

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Extra Credit: Put this into practice. Think of someone you’re trying to get on board with something, like a prospective client or a significant other you’d simply like to “say yes” to getting a new puppy. Using the elements above, first draft a selling statement. Next, try an enrolling statement. Do you notice a difference? Which one do you get more excited about using? Which do you think would work better?

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