1 + 1 = 11

Or why enrollment is effective

When you collaborate with another person, you both add up to more than the sum of your individual parts. This Forbes article suggests partners exercise their strengths to balance out the others’ weaknesses, which results in many more capabilities. Enrolling someone into your fold creates deeper engagement, relevance, and resilience, and it yields the following benefits: 

  • Is a catalyst and accelerator for your Idea 
  • Generates additional energy and confidence 
  • Diversifies risks 
  • Produces more possibilities 

Enrollment is more important now than it’s ever been before. Be sure to keep bringing people along with you!

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Extra Credit: Think of a time you’ve collaborated with someone. Who invited whom? Why did he or she decide to join your effort? What are you working on now that could benefit from the involvement of another thought-partner? Who can you enroll to support you and why would they want to join? 

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