How to Reflect

Reflection allows you to pause, assess, and learn where to aim your energies more productively. As a routine practice, reflection brings great clarity to your actions and helps you move forward.

Here are three ways to reflect:

  • Meditate regularly. A quick meditation will help you to operate with clarity. It could be as simple as a 3-minute gratitude or breathing meditation daily.
  • Bring your full presence to experiences. This allows you to really listen and learn. Observe what is going on with wonderment and optimism, then seek to learn.
  • Schedule time to debrief your work. Typically, we do something and move on, not reflecting on the learning from the experience. After each experience, spend time debriefing your contributions and what you could have done better.

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Extra Credit: The next time you experience success, even if it’s simply making a good sandwich, spend five minutes reflecting on what contributed to the success. Notice if you discover anything you hadn’t realized before.

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