Lead Like an Explorer

In today’s rapidly changing world, exploration is essential for leaders and organizations to thrive. Constant change means leaders often find themselves in unfamiliar territory, which we call the Unknown Zone. This kind of ambiguity can be overwhelming! And when you step into the unknown thinking the way you’ve always thought and acting the way you’ve always acted, you could struggle. But when you think like Exploratory Leaders, like Amelia Earhart and Elon Musk for example, you will be better equipped to navigate through constant change.

Exploratory Leadership, which explorers and entrepreneurs like Earhart and Musk excel in, is defined as:

Exploration +

The act of traveling in or through the Unknown Zone in order to learn about it.

Leadership =

The art of motivating a group of people (yourself included) to act toward achieving a common goal.

Exploratory Leadership.

The art of motivating people, including yourself, to effectively travel into the Unknown Zone to discover more possibility and create the future they desire.

We all want more possibility. Now get out and explore!

Extra Credit: Think about the last time you explored. How did it feel? What did you learn? Where else can you explore to evoke the same feeling, and how can you record what you’ve learned?

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