What Legacy Will You Leave?

How often do you think about your labels and titles (i.e. leader, manager, parent, sibling, colleague, etc.)? We’re all guilty of overthinking these, to some degree. At Studio/E, we call these titles your LinkedIn You.

But have you spent time thinking about how you want to be remembered? What legacy you want to leave, what impact you want to have? We call this your Legacy You.

Both are important and have value in our lives. But most people aren’t remembered for the titles they had. The Legacy You is where you will find energy, resilience, and the drive to do great things.

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Extra Credit:

  1. Make a list of your labels and titles. Professional and personal — anything counts. (2 mins)
  2. Write down what you want your legacy to be, how you want to be remembered. Make it only a sentence or two. (2 mins)
  3. Consider: Which do you connect with more? Which gives you more energy? Why? (1 min)

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