Metrics of the Known and Unknown Zones

Metrics allow you to measure the value you produce by your efforts. If you define your metrics correctly, they are a great way to validate the progress you’re making, plus they’re proof points for accountability.

As you oscillate between the Known Zone and Unknown Zone, it’s important to be familiar with (and define) metrics for each. Remember: both zones, and therefore both sets of metrics, are important! The key is to know when to use which.

The Known Zone metrics are things we’re often more familiar with, like Return on Investment (ROI), Performance to Budget, Quality Measures, and Efficiency Measures. When you’re exploring the Unknown Zone, you should identify metrics that truly measure the progress you’re making through exploring. Examples include Tuition Invested, Number of Iterations (or MVPs), Learnings Shared, and Relationships Gained. Studio/E Mindset IconExtra Credit: Can you add to the lists of Known Zone and Unknown Zone metrics above? Try to come up with three additional metrics for each zone.

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