Mindset Controls Outcomes

At Studio/E, we believe your Mindset controls the outcomes of your life. We created a formula for this way of thinking:

E + S = O, or Events + Stories = Outcomes. 

We can’t change the events that occur, but we can choose the stories we tell ourselves and others about those events. We can choose to frame our stories from a negative or positive vantage, and this creates our outcomes. It’s important to reiterate, these are our outcomes, not necessarily those of others. And that’s okay, as not everyone is navigating with the Mindset of a Curious Explorer.

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Extra Credit: Think of a time an irritating event happened to you, like getting a parking ticket, for example. Recall the negative stories you told yourself about it. Now, tell yourself positive stories about the same event. Using the parking ticket example, maybe extra time in the car exposed you to a new favorite song. When you went to pay your ticket, maybe you ran into an old friend or made a new one. Maybe you learned a valuable lesson or gained new knowledge along the way. Do you see how your outcome shifts based on the stories you tell yourself?

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