Organizations = Organisms

Organizations are emblematic of organisms: life forms with interdependent parts. They live and die (grow and become obsolete); are subject to evolution (changes in markets and customers); need a supportive environment, food, and water (a sound operating structure, sustaining business model, energy, and attention) for survival; and they are always on the lookout for predators which may threaten their existence (competition and disruption).

Like our lives as organisms, we as leaders have control over some of these elements for our organizations, but not all of them. Where you can’t control and predict your organization’s future, you can create it. And that’s what Exploratory Leadership allows you to do — create more possibility and more “life” for you and your organization.

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Extra Credit: Spend five minutes thinking about the above elements and how your organization stacks up. Where do you think you’re strongest? Where do you think you have weak spots or risks?

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