Packaging Defined

Packaging is using a framework to successfully present your Idea, and it can apply to your Idea as it’s in process or in final form. Everything you interact with has been packaged in some fashion (e.g. products, services, ideas, businesses, initiatives). Learning how to successfully package your Ideas as they come to life is a good practice to articulate value, remain relevant, create energy around your ideas, enroll key partners and stakeholders, and create third-party mobility, or the ability for people to share your Idea with others. 

Here are ways to package your Idea when it’s early in the process: 

  • Pitch 
  • Prototype  
  • Storyboard 
  • Video
  • Executive Summary Studio/E Mindset Icon

Extra Credit: Think about the Ideas that have been shared with you recently. Which were well packaged? What made them memorable?

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