Our next Studio/E At the Hill cohorts embark on their expeditions February of 2018

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The Obstacle is the Way

To be courageous means to live with heart. Weak souls live in their heads and create security by thinking they dictate certainty in a world that is uncertain. People that live courageously travel into the unknown and find new meaning, discover ways to help others and create approaches on how to manage life’s dilemmas. Within…

Shaping Future Leaders

Jared Hanks is among the younger Studio/E members, but his contributions compare well to those with far more years under their belt. At Juxtaposition Arts, an organization that connects young talent from the north side of Minneapolis to the creative economy, Jared runs outreach and engagement.

Event Recap: #ideaSLAM

We want to give a big ole THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to the #ideaSLAM. It was gratifying for us to watch as members of the Studio/E community intermingled with non-members (who, by the way, made up more than half of the attendees). Folks made connections and friends, and hopefully left feeling inspired…

#ideaSLAM Exhibitioners Round Two

In anticipation of our upcoming #ideaSLAM — an event during which five members will get up in front of a crowd and share their experience of successfully launching an idea — we would like to introduce you to the final presenters, Norm Domholt and Anne Spaeth: Who: Norm Domholt, BlackDog Robotics LLC What: A modular…

Goals Before Successes

Success comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to measuring it, one thing is certain: you have to define your goals before you can reach them. Brad Johnston is a proponent of setting goals and creating a comprehensive strategy to achieve them, which is what he does with his clients as founder of The Johnston Group.

#ideaSLAM Expeditioners

We are throwing our first-ever #ideaSLAM on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. At this event, five Studio/E members are getting in front of a crowd to explain their experiences of bringing their ideas to life. These ideas include products, businesses and communities, and each story shows just how diverse idea expeditions can be.

Here is a sneak peak of a few of the ideas that will be featured at the #ideaSLAM:

Creating Networks with Gardner Builders

When Bob Gardner, CEO of Gardner Builders, asked us if we could help him and his leadership team put on their annual team vision meeting, we jumped at the opportunity. Bob is a Studio/E member and we have enjoyed watching his company grow exponentially over the past few years. In fact, the photo below is of a Studio/E…

On Presence

Each month we choose a subject to base our content, events and learning on, and this month we are focusing on presence. Presence is as important as your mindset and it has enormous impact. Amy Cuddy, whose TED Talk has over 41 million views, is author of the book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest…

Announcing the Studio/E #ideaSLAM

We are very excited to announce our first-ever public event, the Studio/E #ideaSLAM! Throughout the seven years Studio/E has been around, our tribe of members have come up with some seriously impressive ideas. This community has passed legislation, created new products, built businesses from the ground up, launched global divisions in multi-national corporations — and…

You Have Your Own Answers

Success is hard to come by when you aren’t clear on your strengths and values. All too often folks are stuck, whether disengaged or underutilized, within organizations. The answers needed to find success are within us all, but sometimes it takes the right person to pull them out. Throughout her time in HR at Cargill and now Fluke Corporation, Studio/E member Tiana Martin has done just that — help employees extract their own answers from within. When you start with what you have (what we call current means), you begin to think in a growth mindset.