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How an anesthesiologist gathered feedback and gained insight on his idea to disrupt surgical care.

One of the greatest joys we experience as the builders of a bustling community is watching folks put their heads together to move ideas forward. It can be intimidating to share your ideas, especially when they’re fresh, but being vulnerable and open to feedback can only help you on your journey.

We had the pleasure of seeing members work together recently at one of our Member Morning Series events. John Mrachek has been a part of the Studio/E family since February of 2016 when he joined our At The Hill program. Since then, he has moved onto Endurance, our executive-level membership program which meets monthly, and most recently he was brave enough to be our featured Member Morning Series guest — an opportunity we offer members to share an idea they’re working on and tap into the crowd for feedback and suggestions. We’ve spoken before about the importance of being a part of a network, and it’s in these moments of peer counsel that the power of networks really reveals itself.

An anesthesiologist at American Anesthesiology of Minnesota, John is privy to the way surgical care is handled in the United States, and he says it’s time for a shake-up. In his own experience, intervening in the care of patients early in their operative journey has remarkable outcomes. They feel ready for surgery emotionally, physically and spiritually. They leave the hospital sooner and return to work faster. Sufficient pre-operative care is a no-brainer, and yet it isn’t standard practice. This is the space in which John wants to innovate.

John shared his desire for preoperative care at our most recent Member Morning Series session, and after a heartfelt presentation full of passion and vulnerability, the network in the Studio/E Clubhouse jumped into action and offered up actionable feedback. As it turns out, those in the audience found just about as much value out of the experience as he did.

Part of the group that day was Cecily Sommers, futurist and problem solver. Inspired by the artful combination of John’s humility and drive, Cecily feels invested in his success and is honored to be a part of his journey as a witness and cheerleader. Some of her takeaways? Don’t get overwhelmed by the entirety of a big idea. Just start where you are. And don’t take on said big idea by yourself. Create a small team of friends or advisors who will meet with you monthly to help you establish goals and hold you accountable.

Another problem solver and solution creator present was Jackie Colburn, a strategist with a keen eye for design and digital experiences. After hearing about John’s passion and desire to solve a major healthcare challenge, Jackie left feeling energized and inspired. Added to that was the warm fuzzy feeling of being able to help a fellow member move his idea forward. Having had the opportunity to weigh in on John’s idea and witness his personal interest in the betterment of healthcare, Jackie is excited about his next moves.

We were humbled and proud to provide John with the opportunity to share with this community and gain insight on his idea, as well as provide the folks in the room with a space to share their experiences and connect with others. We need more doctors like John, and with the support of a community and the accountability that comes with it, John’s desire for better preoperative care may one day become the standard.

Here are some photos from our event:

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