Questions to Help You Expand Your Network

The intentional inclusion of diverse individuals in your life’s pursuits greatly expands the knowledge you have access to. Drawing on knowledge from others provides you with more wisdom as you work to create a more prosperous future.

Here are questions to get yourself thinking about the diversity of your network:

  1. When you meet someone with different knowledge, skills, and experiences, do you defend your own thinking or do you open up to the possibility that they could teach you something?
  2. Think of a success you’ve had in the past. Who helped you achieve it? Who else could have helped you achieve it?
  3. What multi-dimensional learning communities are you an active part of? (Hint: Studio/E is one of them).

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Extra Credit: Ask yourself the above questions and reflect on what you learn about your network. If you find you’re not actively pursuing relationships with different people, we urge you to do it. The compounded wisdom is only one of the many benefits you’ll gain from deepening and diversifying your network.

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