Seek Clarity When There is No Certainty

The antidote to uncertainty is not to create certainty (this is impossible when in the unknown). It’s to create clarity.

Here are ways to gain clarity right now:

  • Create boundaries (e.g. time, money, and effort you are willing to invest in whatever you’re trying to accomplish);
  • Distill a project or idea into bite-sized actions (small actions create space for learning);
  • Reflect. Pay attention to what you are experiencing, how you are reacting to it, and what you are learning;
  • Identify your whereabouts (are you in a familiar situation or a learning situation?), then decide which tools you need to move forward.

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Extra Credit: Consider a time you were uncertain about something. What did you do to find clarity? How could you use that tactic as you’re in the unknown right now?

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