The Explorer’s Moment: Ideate with Empathy

“Idea” comes from the Greek word “to see.” As humans, we have this amazing ability to see something that doesn’t even exist yet, then bring it into reality. Which is pretty important in times like these because we need to see a better future. And a way to create a better future is through ideation.

When in a crisis, we have a tendency to do what we do really well — but faster and harder. But that’s not what people need. What people need right now is for us to ideate with empathy; to consider what’s really going on in their lives.

As an example, this week at Studio/E we designed a virtual workshop. While looking at the needs of our users, we realized we needed to design it as though people don’t have access to printers and will be watching it on their phones and laptops.

When you start ideas from a place of empathy like this, consider what’s going on in the reality of your user; you’ll be much more likely to come up with ideas that are relevant for them right now.

Go create great ideas because this world is going to need new things. Think about where we’ll all be in this post-COVID world, what the new needs will be, and design from that aspect.

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