The Explorer’s Moment: Learning Community

One of the most valuable things you can do right now is become a part of a learning community.

This new situation we’ve all found ourselves in requires you to stay connected, and a learning community will help you navigate real crisis through different perspectives and input from others. We tend to spend time with people who think, act, and agree with what we already believe. Learning communities must be intentionally designed with diversity in mind — and not as a “nice to do;” diversity has great utility. It’s important to hang around with people who have different thoughts, experiences, and attitudes than you. In order to thrive in a community with this kind of diversity, you have to be two different things: curious and generous.

Here’s how we’re tapping into our learning community at Studio/E:

Since this crisis began, we have had daily call logs where we call all of the amazing members in our communities to check in and ask what we can do to help. With curiosity and generosity as our intentions, we are able to help others — and ourselves — discover more possibility regarding how to deal with the current environment.

One thing to keep in mind regarding learning communities: When you hear someone else speak, be sure to suspend your judgment. You can’t defend your thinking and learn at the same time. Instead, be in a mindset of curiosity, then do what you can to connect your fellow members with good information and good people.

When you’re in the unknown, don’t journey alone. Make sure you’re traversing that terrain with a diverse learning community.

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