The Explorer’s Moment: MVP

When your world becomes unpredictable, stop trying to predict it.

Right now the globe is in a complete state of unknown. In order to continue producing value during this troubling time, it’s critical to redirect your energy from trying to predict to taking small, short-term steps. We call these little action steps MVPs, or Minimum Viable Progress, and they are the smallest amounts of progress you can make that will be useful for you to learn more about your exploration.

Here’s how we’re moving forward at Studio/E with MVPs:

  • Our team connects via daily Zoom video chats and we identify the company’s top three priorities. We break down what we are working on into one-day increments.
  • We reconvene the following day to discuss what we learned and to pivot as necessary. This is incredibly effective right now as we move our in-person experiences to online platforms (a big unknown territory for us).
  • We quickly put a stop to what isn’t working and decide what small steps to take next.

It is hard to predict 100 miles down the road, but you can actually see 25 feet down the road. We’re focusing on the 25 feet, and we encourage you to do the same. There’s a new world unfolding in front of us, and it’s up to leaders like you to create the world that is yet to come.

Stay connected and keep exploring.

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