The Studio/E Compass

We created the Studio/E Compass to provide direction as you launch new Ideas, especially in the unknown. Completing the compass will leave you with energy and clarity, plus the goals and action steps necessary to make progress and move your Idea forward.

To do the compass:

* Fill in your name

  1. Identify your Mindset (hint: you want the Mindset of a Curious Explorer)
  2. Add your Desire sentence
  3. Identify a timeframe, an Idea, and your Idea’s MVP (the minimum viable progress you can make on your Idea in order to move it one step forward)
  4. Answer the compass questions, which are identified in the outer ring of the compass
  5. Declare a goal corresponding to each of the questions in the outer ring (think “I will…” statements)
  6. Identify action steps you’ll take within the time frame in order to achieve your declared goals (think noun, verb and date for each action)

Studio/E Mindset IconExtra Credit: Download this PDF of the Studio/E Compass. Thinking about a project you’re currently working on, do steps 1-3 today. Tomorrow, tackle steps 4-6.

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