Three Steps to Creating Your Desire Sentence

Connecting with your personal Desire provides you with a sense of purpose, value, and worth. It gives you strength and resiliency and fuels your energy to create a more prosperous future.

One way to focus on Desire is through your Desire Sentence (what many organizations call Purpose statements).

Studio/E’s Desire is to help others discover more possibility and create a more prosperous future. Here are three steps to create your own Desire Sentence:

  1. Résumé You: Identify all of your labels and titles, including personal labels.
  2. Legacy You: List everything you want to be remembered by.
  3. Use the Formula: Thinking about your labels and desired legacy, create your Desire Sentence as follows: My Desire is (insert superpower / meaningful words) to help or benefit (insert who).

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Extra Credit: If you aren’t clear on your Desire, follow the steps above to create a Desire Sentence. If you already know yours, write it on a sticky note and put it somewhere you will see it often. Live into it daily.

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