What is Positioning and Packaging?

How do you present your Ideas to others? Positioning and Packaging is a practice we use to get our Ideas into a tangible and communicable state so we can gather feedback from others.  

Positioning is about aligning your Idea to serve the needs and desires of those you are enrolling to come along on your journey with you. Packaging is about using a framework to present your Idea to others. Together, the practice of Positioning and Packaging: 

  • Creates third-party mobility, or the ability for others to speak about your Idea;
  • Gives you energy, momentum, and inspiration; and
  • Makes it easier for people you are enrolling to say “yes.” 

Framework examples include prototypes, storyboards, and pitches.

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Extra Credit: Think about some brands that provide exceptional packaging and positioning experiences. From the way an online order is delivered to your home to the box your new Nikes come in — every product and service should be intentionally packaged for its users.

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