What Makes Your Idea of Unique Value to its Users?

Ideation is the act of generating ideas. It allows you to make your ideas unique, valuable, and tangible so you can share them with others and collect feedback to make them better. Powerful ideation centers on the true, empathetic needs of your user; not the solution you already have or assume to be of value.

Ideation is not about being the best or second-best – it’s about being the “only.” Differentiating yourself in a busy and chaotic environment happens when you produce truly valuable ideas, which are fueled by your purpose and empathetically designed for the needs of your user.

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Extra Credit: Thinking of an idea or project you are working on, answer the following ideation questions to help you identify what makes your idea of unique value to its users:

  • How does your idea meet the needs of your users (e.g. their jobs, pains, and gains)?
  • How can you add empathy to your idea?
  • What makes your idea an “only?”

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