When the World is Unknown, Leaders Create Possibility

With Springtime comes the promise of getting out on the streets, except this year the streets, stores, and restaurants are emptying. The anxiety is palatable and that is understandable. But it’s important to understand that we will need to build for the new normal that will be on the backside of this health crisis. This is a great time to become useful in new ways, and I encourage us all to lean into this opportunity.

Here are some useful practices:

  • In an environment where predictability is limited, limit the need to predict. Think small steps over shorter periods of time with a clearer sense of how to act into what is needed. Making small steps means small investments in time and resources. If things don’t work as planned, then walk away with a valuable lesson. If things work, learn why and take another step. This way you’re either winning or learning. Do both.
  • Start with what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. You are most likely going to have some extra time in the near future. Divert your eyes now and then from the news. You have tools. We have unprecedented digital means to move thinking and many kinds of products and services. You already have knowledge, skills, and relationships. Spend this new-found time connecting them in new ways.
  • Create ideas around what people actually need. You’ll need to meet needs in different ways, so look beyond existing solutions. Build ideas with your user’s needs in this new world first and foremost. It is actually the best way to offer valuable products and services.
  • Be creative and focus on value and values. We live in a time where creative minds can run free and we have leaders who know how to combine the words “value creation” with “community values.” Build ideas that go beyond what we can buy and offer ideas people can buy into. One of the greatest needs, and thus opportunities, that will emerge from this pandemic are new approaches on how to live life productively in this new medical reality. Produce some of them.
  • Stay connected and intentionally connect to a wide range of others. Access to diverse experiences, opinions, and approaches is a key driver of success. Operate from a place of curiosity rather than defending your views. Conversations that build on an idea rather than shutting down ideas produce many more possibilities. Producing more possibilities means more potential opportunities.

You can look at this from the mindset of anxiety or of opportunity. We will all find our own individual balance, but now is the time for those who are able to lead their energies and others toward creating the ideas that will shape the new normal to come.

Undoubtedly there will be more episodes of drastic change and times of extreme ambiguity ahead. The yesterday we know is gone, and today presents us with many new challenges and opportunities to explore. The time for building your resiliency muscles and ability to create for these new times is now.

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