Why Create Boundaries?

Boundaries are your declared parameters when exploring the unknown. They not only outline what you’re willing to invest (time, money, resources, and relationships) but also define what you won’t risk during the current turn of your Idea. They look like this: 

I will spend 10 minutes per day working on my Idea over the next month.

I will spend $100 or less on the next iteration of my Idea.

Boundaries create pathways for you to explore freely, knowing that you only need to stop to reconsider what you’re doing if you run into a Boundary (in the example above, running into a Boundary would be spending more than $100) or lose interest in your Idea. You’ve likely heard the notion of “win or learn,” and having clear boundaries allows you to do that with confidence.

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Extra Credit: Declaring Boundaries allows you to safely iterate upon your Ideas. What is one Boundary you could set for yourself right now? It could be how much you’ll spend on dinner tonight or what time you’ll go to bed – the application doesn’t matter. What matters is that you test out creating a Boundary.

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