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Q&A with U.S. Bank's Chief Inclusion Officer, Greg Cunningham


A fascinating conversation with U.S. Bank's Chief Inclusion Officer about how access as a pathway to a more inclusive and equitable world.

Hold Tight to Your Purpose, Play Loose with Your Tactics


Advice from a global top futurist about the number one thing to do in this time of uncertainty.

Global Top Futurist on the Four Phases of Change


While our changing environments are unpredictable, there are some things about change that actually always remain the same. We spoke with futurist Cecily Sommers, whom Forbes named one of the top 50 female futurists, about what we can grab onto when everything around us is in constant flux.

A Commitment to Our Community


We are filled with heartache as we look upon what has recently happened in our hometown and beyond. Neighborhoods can be rebuilt, but nothing will undo the murder of George Floyd, nor the persistent pain and the continual racial injustices that our friends, families, and neighbors have faced for centuries. As a community, we must lean into this moment and create meaningful change.

Practical Tips from a Neuroscientist About Leadership in the Time of COVID


Emotions are running at what feels like an all-time high right now. As leaders, it is our responsibility to understand the implications of such strong emotions on our team members and their decision making.

20 Things to Know About Stress, Movement, and Positive Action Right Now


Stress is omnipresent. We all experience it at times, no matter how good we are at managing it. Sometimes our stress can be exacerbated (like when everything feels uncertain, for example), but it's important to understand that stress isn't exactly a bad thing. As it turns out, stress is actually energy manifested in our bodies and brains to help us take positive action when we feel overwhelmed.

What We Learned About Stress from Health Psychologist Dr. Kelly McGonigal


This new reality is stressful for the vast majority of us, and this stress most of us are experiencing can be paralyzing. But there are ways to actually use this stress to our benefit.

When the World is Unknown, Leaders Create Possibility


Five practical things to do to move forward in times like these.

Studio/E's Response to COVID-19


With a community as large as ours, we take our responsibility to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 here in Minnesota and beyond very seriously.

10 Lessons from Guy Kawasaki’s Book, Wise Guy


There are easily more than 100 pieces of wisdom in this book, and all of it is contextualized by Guy’s practiced storytelling and entertaining life. We suggest reading the book yourself, as his lessons become even more applicable in conjunction with his great stories, but for the purposes of this post we’ve collected 10 of our favorites:

Make 2020 Your Year of Exploration


The path ahead is foggy no matter what business you’re in, so if you’re not exploring, you’re a Blockbuster in a world of Netflix. Which is to say – you’re expiring.

Five Lessons on Enrollment from Mister Rogers


Five things Mister Rogers teaches us about enrollment through his life's expansive work.

How to be Healthy in a Sick Society


Your health translates directly to your ability to contribute both at work and at home. Here are some ways to be healthier in a sick society.

Earn Your Influence in 2020


Influence is something you need to continuously work to earn. Here are seven ways to earn your influence in 2020.

Eight Things to Know About the Studio/E Expedition Program


Seven of the most common questions we're asked about Studio/E.

The Incredible Power of Constraints


Why putting constraints around your idea can help your work flourish. (Plus, how to know when to keep going and when to quit, as suggested by Seth Godin.)

What We Learned About Stillness from Bestselling Author Ryan Holiday


Bestselling author Ryan Holiday argues stillness is the key to getting better at anything you do. Here's what he taught us about stillness.

How to Make Better Decisions, Faster


The quality of your decisions will reflect the quality of your life, and in order to make high-quality decisions time and again, it’s crucial to have a reservoir of principles to draw upon.

How to Navigate Your Own Ignorance


A look into the three territories of knowledge, plus six ways to navigate your own ignorance.

How to Tell Stories that Stick


Successful books, films, and companies all have something in common: exceptional storytelling. It isn’t enough to simply be and do good; the being and doing good must be shared.

Q&A with Filmmaker and Mountaineer Jimmy Chin


We sit down with Academy Award-winning filmmaker, National Geographic photographer and mountain sports athlete, Jimmy Chin, for a Q&A.

The Upsides of Conflict at Work


Three productive ways to think about conflict.

It Pays to Play


Play is not only important for your personal life; it can contribute greatly to your work life. Here are 15 ideas for play at work and at home.

How (and Why) to Make a Bucket List


Four steps to creating an actionable (and amazing) bucket list.

Get Grounded in Your Purpose


A tool to help you think through, assess, and focus on your priorities.

How to Gather Greatly


Tips from Priya Parker, master facilitator and author of the book The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters, on how to gather.

Pay Attention to What You Pay Attention To


How to become aware and take control of what you pay attention to.

You Should Join a Mastermind Group


Everything you need to know about creating and sustaining a mastermind group.

Get Comfortable Saying No


Ten practices to help you say no.

Thanks, Moms


The Studio/E team writes love notes to their mothers in celebration of Mother's Day.

When Should I Kill My Idea?


A three-step process to follow so you know when to continue working on, pivot, or kill an Idea.

Learning is Better than Being Learned


10 practices to incorporate into your everyday so you can go from being learned to being a learner.

Lean into Your Limits: A Q&A with Artist Phil Hansen


We spoke with artist Phil Hansen about his love for creating, how he reframed his limiting beliefs, and how others can embrace their own limits.

How to Be an Explorer


Exploration is key to survival. Here are five simple ways to be an explorer.

Embrace Limits to Become Limitless


How artist Phil Hansen turned his limitation into a career-launching strength.

The Joy Effect: Why You Should Stop Chasing Happiness and Start Recognizing Joy


Seven ways to normalize creating, identifying, and spreading joy.

Drive Your Own Delight: Q&A with Joy Seeker Ingrid Fetell Lee


As makers of our own luck, joy is actually something we can design for. But how?

Joy is Serious Business


Incorporating joy into your business via social media, marketing, branding, and physical spaces and products is an effective way to enroll customers into your business or idea. 

Joy, Limitations, Gathering, Exploration, and Humility


Announcing Studio/E's 2019 program calendar

A Quest to Reimagine the Face of Education


Amanda Kopischke has a passion: to reimagine education to better prepare students as they launch into adulthood.

Exploratory Leadership: What It Is and How to Develop It


You are the leader of your own life, and as such, learning how to lead is very important -- both personally and professionally.

Q&A with Target Chief Creative Officer, Todd Waterbury


Target CCO Todd Waterbury's fearless exploration has landed him innovative partnerships with brands like The Grammys and Vogue.

Q&A with CaringBridge CEO Liwanag Ojala


Before nearly a quarter of the world population was on Facebook and 100 million photos…

Metaphors and Exploration: A Q&A with Dessa


A Q&A with the singer, rapper, and writer Dessa.

Navigating Forward: A Q&A with Polar Explorer Tyler Fish


Q&A with polar explorer and author of the book Forward: The First American Unsupported Expedition to the North Pole.

Giving is Living: Eight Organizations We're Donating To This Year


A list of eight organizations we donated to during the 2018 holiday season.

Egypt's Sunken Cities: Takeaways From a Museum Tour


Three takeaways from Egypt's Sunken Cities at Mia.

Declarations and Actions – The Studio/E Compass Part 3


The final steps of the Studio/E Compass are arguably the most important when it comes to launching your Ideas.

That's Angertainment


Studio/E co-founder Nate Garvis on the antidote to Angertainment.

The Studio/E Gratitude Roundup


A wonderful thing happens when you replace the phrase “have to” with “get to.” A roundup of the things we get to do.

Competency Questions – The Studio/E Compass Part 2


Part 2 in a 3-part series on the Studio/E Compass.

Idea and MVP: The Studio/E Compass Part 1


Part 1 in a 3-part series on the Studio/E Compass.

Journey to Disrupting an Industry


This writer and director is poised to change the way we consume media.

Build Your Resiliency, Blast Your Stress


Expert on resiliency and human performance Jenny C. Evans offers tips for raising your resiliency and combatting your stress.

This Writer and Director Wants to Change the Way We Consume Media


A Q&A with award-winning film writer and director Eric D. Howell.

Resiliency Training: An Effective Way to Combat Stress


Q&A with expert on resiliency and human performance, Jenny Evans.

The Case for Speaking the Universal Language


Visual communicator Dan Roam on the power of drawing for effective communication.

Known vs. Unknown Zone: the Studio/E Map Part 3


Part 3 in a 3-part series In Known vs. Unknown Zones: the Studio/E Map Part…

Known vs. Unknown Zone: the Studio/E Map Part 2


Part 2 in a 3-part series. In Known vs. Unknown Zones: the Studio/E Map Part…

Actions are Driven by What You See


Dan Roam has been expressing himself with visuals since he could hold a crayon. Today,…

Known vs. Unknown Zone: the Studio/E Map Part 1


Part 1 in a 3-part series. How do you know when you cross the line…

Be Vulnerable. Gather Feedback. Pursue Your Passion.


How an anesthesiologist gathered feedback and gained insight on his idea to disrupt surgical care.

Breaking Through the Surgical Care Continuum


This anesthesiologist is bringing innovation to the U.S. healthcare market.

Leading Like an Explorer Within an Organization


Andy Zimney is an exploratory leader. He confronts ambiguity with an open mind and a…

Celebrate What's Right With the World


Your Mindset is the lens through which you see the world. It is so powerful…

If You Don't See It, Build It


A Q&A with co-creators of Scout Workshop.

We're Learning, Too


We help people and organizations move ideas forward. We share what we've learned from experience…

Raise Your Resiliency


Three ways to stress-proof your brain and become more resilient.

Playing the Pivot: A CEO's New Journey


CEO of TransForm Corp, Sarah McNally, takes her company in a new direction.

The Case For a Day at Play


Why pursuing play is essential for leaders As children, our lives are designed around play.…

Individuals Wanted for Hazardous Journey


Enrollment now open for Studio/E At The Hill program How much time do you spend with people who are different from you? It's easy to get stuck in your silo at work, learning and growing amongst individuals in the same industry with the same skillsets as you.

Pursue Your Purpose


A Q&A with TransForm Corp CEO Sarah McNally.

10 Things to Know About Gen Z


Gen Z is about to enter the workplace, meaning we are about to enter a…

The Half-Hour Walk that Took Five Hours


Friends since childhood, co-founders Nate Garvis and Tom Wiese decided to take a short stroll…

Hold Tight to Your Moral Compass


Director and President of Minneapolis Institute of Art, Kaywin Feldman, on following her moral compass.

Gen Z - The Next Generation in the Workplace


Generations experts David Stillman and Jonah Stillman on how to handle Gen Z when they hit the workplace.

When Building Your Network, Think Diverse Over Big


If you want to learn and grow, hang out with people who know what you don't know.

Your Ideas Matter


We know that you have an idea inside of you. We are here to tell you that your ideas matter.

Inside the Launch of Hands and Feet


We're not all math people, but here's an equation we know well: Good Idea +…

Leaving a Legacy of Love: Q&A with Founder of Hands & Feet


Did you know that one in six children in Minnesota face hunger daily? If you…

Power and Beauty: A Studio/E Tour at Mia


What separates good leaders from the great? Art.

Man's Search for Meaning


We read a lot of books. The topics we consume are vast, but there are…

Alice Riot and Midwest Pantry: The Learning Journeys


How Studio/E members launched Alice Riot and Midwest Pantry.

Conquering the Open Water: Q&A with Long-Distance Swimmer Lynne Cox


A chat with long-distance, open-water swimmer Lynne Cox, who was the first person to swim across the Bering Strait.

Found in Translation: Fireside Chat with Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Hoffman


Fleeing to America as a young refugee in 1976, Pahoua Hoffman found herself in kindergarten…

Say Yes to Your Dreams: Q&A with Kelly Groehler of Alice Riot


When you purchase an item, you're doing a lot more than supporting a brand --…

Achieving the Collective Dream: Q&A with Elizabeth Sarquis of Jukko


Mobile games can improve the world. That's what Founder and CEO of Global Gaming Initiative Elizabeth…

Growing the Minnesota Food Hub: Q&A with Chad Gillard of Midwest Pantry


A blossoming food epicenter of the Midwest, Minnesota is rapidly gaining traction as the place to start…

Learning to Disagree: Q&A with Citizens League Executive Director Pahoua Hoffman


The tsunami of political "angertainment" is headed our way, and with an unusually large number…

Knowledge Box: Leadership and Impact


To put things into perspective and get some wind behind our sails as we enter 2018, we are focusing this month’s items on leadership that matters and spreading positive impact.

Coming Together as a Community Through ManyOne


Studio/E is one of those rare places where people of all stripes are invited in…

Organizations Exploring Greater Possibilities for Success


Recently we’ve been fortunate to have two talented teams from two wonderful businesses put their…

Studio/E GPS Recap


Guest post by Jared Hanks For about a year, I've been working with Studio/E to produce…

A Hero's Journey


Heroes play an influential role at Studio/E: authors, explorers, rule-breakers, artists and business starters. But…

The Obstacle is the Way


People that live courageously travel into the unknown and find new meaning, discover ways to help others and create approaches on how to manage life’s dilemmas.

Event Recap: #ideaSLAM


Thank you to everyone who showed up to the #ideaSLAM. It was gratifying for us…

#ideaSLAM Exhibitioners Round Two


In anticipation of our upcoming #ideaSLAM -- an event during which five members will get…

#ideaSLAM Expeditioners


We are throwing our first-ever #ideaSLAM on Tuesday, August 1, 2017. At this event, five Studio/E members are getting in front of a crowd to explain their experiences of bringing their ideas to life. These ideas include products, businesses and communities, and each story shows just how diverse idea expeditions can be. Here is a sneak peak of a few of the ideas that will be featured at the #ideaSLAM:

Creating Networks with Gardner Builders


When Bob Gardner, CEO of Gardner Builders, asked us if we could help him and his…

On Presence


Each month we choose a subject to base our content, events and learning on, and…

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