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Positioning Checklist


Positioning your Idea is important if you want it to go somewhere. Here’s a checklist to get you thinking.

Needs vs. Solutions


A common obstacle we see people get caught up in while ideating is making assumptions on what their user’s need is.

Who Can You Bring Along on Your Exploration?


“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”   This quote by Helen Keller speaks to the concept of bringing others along with you on your exploration.

Current Means Inventory


Taking inventory of what you already have helps create momentum and allows you take steps from an assets-based thinking position rather than being stopped by focusing on what you don’t have.

What is Positioning and Packaging?


Positioning and Packaging is a practice we use to get our Ideas into a tangible and communicable state so that we can gather feedback from others.  

What Are You Willing to Invest?


On setting Boundaries.

Get to Know Your User


How to get to know your user.

Qualities of a Great Exploratory Leader


Ernest Shackleton's four qualities of a great explorer.

What Makes Your Idea of Unique Value to its Users?


Differentiating yourself in a busy and chaotic environment happens when you produce truly valuable Ideas, which are fueled by your Desire and empathetically designed for the needs of your user.

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?


Mindset is the most powerful tool you possess. It is the narrator of the stories you tell yourself and it helps shape the world around you.

Why Exploratory Leadership


Exploratory Leadership is a required practice for life and business because it provides awareness to help you effectively explore the unknown. 

Start With What You Have


Current Means is asset-based thinking that enables you to focus and use what you have right now to get your ideas into action quickly.

Find Growth Within a Diverse Learning Community


If you want to learn and grow, spend time with people who know different things than you know. A great way to do this is to join a diverse learning community.

The Known and Unknown Zones


A map is to context as a compass is to direction. It allows you to…

Act-Learn-Build: The Method of Exploratory Leadership


At the heart of the Studio/E Map resides a method we call Act-Learn-Build. Here's how it works.

What Is Your Sentence?


Why your Desire should be just one sentence.

Desire: What is Your Why?


Your Desire is your "why," and it provides you with the energy and resilience needed…

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