Idea and MVP: The Studio/E Compass Part 1

Part 1 in a 3-part series

A compass is used to provide geographic direction, consisting of a magnetic needle that pivots until aligned with a magnetic field. Inspired by all things exploration, we designed our own compass tool to use when in a learning situation (the Unknown Zone) to help you chart your direction and drive you toward your desired outcome. With this tool, you’ll find that your Desire operates as your magnetic needle and guides you where you want to go — except it’s made out of paper and contains neither magnets nor needles.

By using the Studio/E Compass, you’ll generate small action steps on an idea you are working on, and small steps add up to big momentum. These action steps will emerge once you go around the Compass and answer the questions beneath each of the core competencies (Current Means, Ideation, Boundaries, and Enrollment).

Studio/E Compass helps you navigate in the Unknown Zone

Here’s how to fill out questions 1-3 of the Studio/E Compass:

  1. Mindset: When navigating the unknown, it’s essential to adopt the Mindset of a curious explorer. In the Mindset Section, write “curious explorer” to remind you to be open, curious, and observant.
  2. Desire: This is your magnetic needle. In this section, write your Desire Statement. Alignment with your Desire will give you the energy, resilience, and courage needed to explore.
  3. Idea and its MVP. Select an Idea you’d like to work on (it could be as complex as launching a business or as simple as creating a chore plan for your kids) and design a small step to take. We refer to this small step as the Minimum Viable Progress, or MVP. As its name suggests, MVP is the smallest amount of progress that will be useful for you to learn more about your Idea. In the Idea Section, fill out: today’s date, the target date, and the number of days in between to determine the days until (we suggest 30 days); the name of your Idea; and the minimum amount of progress you want to make in that timeframe.

Questions 1-3 of the Compass help create awareness for where you are now and what you’ll need to take your small steps. Remember, small steps lead to momentum, and momentum creates confidence to keep exploring and discover more possibility!

Read Part 2 (Competency Questions) and Part 3 (Declarations and Actions) of this series on the Studio/E Compass.

Studio/E Mindset Icon

Do this: Think of an Idea you already are or would like to begin working on. Write down your Desire, your Idea, and your MVP for the next 30 days.

[Cover photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash]

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