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Please submit your inquiry and tell us why you or your institution want to join Studio/E.

Include your name, institution (if applicable), phone number, email address, occupation or institutional sector, and who referred you.

By phone: 612.440.0096
By mail: 1128 Harmon Place Studio 200, Minneapolis, MN 55403
Or apply online with the form below.

GPS Qualifications

To qualify for Studio/E GPS, you must:

  • Be motivated
  • Be curious
  • Be committed to creating the future you desire.

At the Hill Qualifications

To qualify for a Studio/E experience, you must:

  • Be a motivated leader
  • Commit to lifelong learning and transformation
  • Have a willingness and desire to participate and share within a cohort
  • Believe that you can create the future
  • Be nominated or interviewed by a principal of Studio/E or existing member

If you have these attributes, we want you as a member of Studio/E.

Masters Qualifications

To qualify for the Studio/E Masters experience, you must:

  • Be a graduate of Studio/E at the Hill program
  • Be willing to brainstorm on ideas and issue resolution with fellow navigators from all sectors
  • Want to be held accountable to take action toward goals and desires
  • Believe that you can create the future

Studio/E Sponsors Qualifications

To qualify as a Studio/E Institutional Member, you must:

  • Desire to create an internal ecosystem of forward-thinking navigators
  • Encourage employees to create close relationships in other sectors
  • Create internal leaders who are prepared to help others navigate the unknown
  • Want to make your community better