Declarations and Actions – The Studio/E Compass Part 3

Part 3 in a 3-part series

The final steps of the Studio/E Compass are arguably the most important when it comes to making progress on your Ideas. They are your Declarations and Actions, which give you forward momentum.

In the center ring of the Compass you’ll see it says “Declare Goal” under each competency. The idea is that once you answer the competency questions, which we covered in Part 2, you would then declare a goal and identify an Action to take for each competency. Think of Declarations as “I will…” or “we will…” statements related to the competency they fall under.

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To demonstrate how to write Declarations, we’ll go around the Compass as if we were filling it out before launching Studio/E:

Current Means: We will design a leadership program to address a common challenge.

Ideation: We will create a robust beta program to test and set a date.

Boundaries: We will preserve our existing businesses.

Enrollment: We will engage top-tier players to help facilitate beta day.

Once you have made your Declarations, go around the Compass one final time to identify an Action you can take that coincides with each Declaration. When writing Actions, always included a noun, verb, and date. This enables you to say an objective “yes” or “no” when asking if you’ve completed your Action steps.

Using the same example, here are our Action steps:

Current Means: Tom will identify which challenge we will address by 5/10.

Ideation: Tom will design a prototype of the program and set a date by 6/1.

Boundaries: Nate will determine if we can get 15 members and invite them by 6/1.

Enrollment: Nate will create and set up pitches to Babson College, The James J. Hill Center, and Prouty project by 6/1.

Writing out Declarations and Actions gives you clarity on what to do next, and once you’re done it’s time to act, learn and build! Each time you fill out the Compass is considered a new iteration on your Idea. Remember to take the time to reflect on what you learned during one iteration before moving onto the next.

Read Part 1 (Idea and MVP) and Part 2 (Competency Questions) of this series on the Studio/E Compass.

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Do This: Click here for a downloadable PDF of the Studio/E Compass. You have the tools, now go on and create the future you desire. We’re counting on you!

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