Event Recap: #ideaSLAM

Thank you to everyone who showed up to the #ideaSLAM. It was gratifying for us to watch as members of the Studio/E community intermingled with non-members (who, by the way, made up more than half of the attendees). Folks made connections and friends, and hopefully left feeling inspired to give an idea of theirs wings.

This left us humbled and grateful.

If you didn’t make it to the event, watch for word of our second one, taking place in the beginning of the new year. Here’s what went down that night at Utepils Brewing:

As guests arrived, they were given two drink tokens and a ticket for a taco from the delectable food truck, Turbo Taco. There was an hour of connection before emcee Andy Zimney took the stage to introduce the five presenters. Andy is a strategist and team performance coach and finds great satisfaction training, coaching, and supporting teams across a variety of industries to help them get unstuck. He’s also funny as hell and was a bright addition to our cast of characters that night.

Each of the five presenters have been through the Studio/E At the Hill program and have launched an idea with the help of our methodology. They were each given three minutes to speak about their experiences of launching their ideas — the good, the bad and the ugly.

Impressive is an understatement of what these folks have gotten up to.

First up was Jackie Colburn. Jackie left her longtime job at GoKart Labs to launch a company offering Design Sprints — a process by which she helps teams create the conditions to co-create future solutions. Rather than staying stuck, or not making progress due to stops and starts, Design Sprints harness and focus a team’s energy on solving a problem quickly and align around a clear vision and plan to bring it to life. Learn more about Jackie and her business and offerings here.

Next was Vikas Narula, founder of Keyhubs. In his short time presenting, he shared with the audience his new product called Keyhubs Voice, a program which gives employees agency in their own growth and helps leaders keep a pulse on the health of their organizations. It’s a brilliant idea presented by an even more brilliant man. Read about Vikas and Keyhubs here.

Our middlewoman was Anne Spaeth. You may have heard of the hottest new spot in Uptown Minneapolis – The Lynhall. This restaurant / cafe / kitchen studio / event space is a stunning addition to the neighborhood, and Anne shared her experience launching it. An unlikely candidate for opening a restaurant (her early food influences included pizza, fast food and TV dinners), Anne has blown her idea out of the park. If you haven’t yet visited this locale, we urge you to. Read about it here.

Norm Domholt has owned motor-related businesses since the early 1980s, including a company that rebuilt and sold wheelchair motors to a national market and another that was established to better serve the needs of robot builders. The idea Norm shared at the #ideaSLAM was BlackDog® Modular Robotics® — a robotic system that he created to help support law enforcement in critical situations. The robot, which was also a guest at Utepils, is now available to the public. Take a look at it here.

Our final presenter was Molly Mogren Katt, co-founder of Namakan Fur — the first-ever universal faux fur ruff. Molly shared her experiences of running a Kickstarter (successfully), sourcing faux fur and feeling the pressure of offshoring. The product is one of genius in this cold market and it was really neat to hear the not-so-glamorous side of a seemingly glamorous product.

After Molly closed out the presentations, all five of the presenters took the stage for a brief Q&A session, where the audience took to the microphones to ask these idea launchers specific questions about their journeys.

The event was the first in a series, and we cannot wait to bring you the next one. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, to those who joined us.

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