Why Exploratory Leadership

Exploratory Leadership is a required practice for life and business because it provides awareness to help you effectively explore the unknown. To understand why it’s so important to explore, think of your life and business as organisms.

Organisms (and therefore your life and your business):

  • Live and die (growth);
  • Are subject to evolution based on changes in the environment (changes in markets and customers);
  • Need infrastructure, food, and water (a sustaining business model) for survival; and
  • Are always on the lookout for predators that may threaten their existence (like technology leaps, changing behaviors, or relevance).

The best way to proactively lead and navigate the rapid change the world is undergoing today – as all organisms must in order to survive – is to continuously learn so you can quickly adapt. We do this by adopting the practice of Exploratory Leadership.

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Extra Credit: Spend two minutes listing out ways to build small explorations into your leadership practices personally and professionally, then choose three of them to do in the next week. Examples include: listening to a new podcast, taking a quick nature walk, or striking up a conversation with a stranger.

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