Find Growth Within a Diverse Learning Community

If you want to learn and grow, spend time with people who know different things than you know. A great way to do this is to join a diverse learning community.

A common misstep we see among leaders and institutions is insularity. An antidote to insularity – and a practice we’d all do well to adopt – is to join a learning community in order to expand our possibilities and continue learning.

A learning community is a network of people with varying knowledge and experiences, hailing from different industries (this last one is big because many professional networks are within the same industries). Examples include Vistage, Strategic Coach, Rotary, and Mastermind Groups.

As a Studio/E member, you are a part of a learning community. Where else do you find opportunities to learn from those different from you?

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Extra credit: Identify the opportunities you have in the workweek for engaging with new people. Choose a time to have a new conversation and put it in your calendar.

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