Framework for a Packaged Pitch 

A good pitch is clear, concise, and actionable. We created a framework to follow to ensure our pitches include those elements. Here is an example:

Desire: To create civic health.

Idea: Studio/E

Positioning StatementStudio/E helps leaders explore the unknown by developing practices, tools, and a network to shape the future they desire.

MVPBeta Day.


  • We will design a leadership program to address a common challenge.
  • We will create a beta program.
  • We will preserve existing businesses.
  • We will engage top-tier players to help facilitate beta day.

Action Steps Forward: 

  • Identify which challenge to address.
  • Design prototype for beta.
  • Determine if we can get 15 members.
  • Create and set up pitches to Jump, Babson, Hill, and Prouty.

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Extra Credit: Download this framework, print it out and use it next time you’re preparing a pitch. 

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