7 Practices of Exploratory Leadership


What can you do when the world is uncertain and full of unexpected change? Take action that produces clarity and confidence to explore and build a valuable path forward.

We invite you and your teams to Studio/E’s 7 Practices of Exploratory Leadership virtual workshop.

Exploratory Leadership is the art of leading yourself and others into the unknown. And it’s fair to say the global health crisis that is impacting all of us is just about as unknown as it gets.

This workshop will introduce you to 7 valuable Exploratory Practices that will help you create clarity and focus, and allow you to navigate forward during times of change, ambiguity, volatility, and uncertainty. In other words: today.



Anyone wanting simple practices to navigate these uncertain times!


$25* | $15 for groups of 10+. Inquire at membership@yourstudioe.com | Free for active Studio/E members + 1 guest with discount code.

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